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Tiberius Media In A Nutshell

Because We Do Things A Bit Differently. And It's Working:

First understand what we license each and every company based on their location.

Once a vertical is licensed, no other companies (in the same vertical and location) will be allowed to join us. i.e. one plumber in Tampa, one roofer in Chicago, etc.

Second, know that we have plans for every budget, We even have FREE plans for those tire kickers who want to test us out against their current marketing team (warning: we ALWAYS win).

How We Do It:

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a variety of services to help businesses generate leads and acquire customers. These services include:

  • Marketing funnels: We create high-end, meticulously designed marketing funnels that are exclusive to one business per industry in each city. This means that your business will be the only one in your area using our funnel, which helps you stand out from the competition.

  • Paid advertising: We provide you with proven SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) and effective marketing collateral so you can successfully run your own ads. This approach saves you the significant expense of hiring agencies. We specialize in LSA ads (Local Service Ads by Google) which do require extensive management and oversight to control costs.

  • SEO (Optional): We optimize your website and online presence to improve your ranking in search results, boosting your visibility.

  • Landing pages: We create high-converting landing pages that are designed to capture leads and convert them into customers.

  • Surveys: We use a unique one-question-at-a-time survey approach to qualify leads, ensuring you connect with potential customers truly interested in your services.

  • AI chatbot: We offer an AI chatbot that intelligently interacts with potential customers on your website and answers their questions. The chatbot learns over time, becoming even more effective at converting leads.

We're so confident in our results that we offer a free proposal and an iron-clad guarantee – if we don't deliver, you get your money back.

When it comes to lead generation and sales conversion, no one can match the expertise and proven results of Tiberius Media.

Unlike other agencies, we have extensive in-house experience buying and selling leads. We understand exactly what it takes to craft high-converting landing pages, surveys, and sales funnels.

Our team leverages in-depth market research, proven conversion copywriting, and our proprietary lead-generating survey tools to maximize your ROI. We know how to turn website visitors into high-quality leads and customers.

At Tiberius Media, we've developed, tested and refined the end-to-end systems for online business success. From attracting visitors to persuading them to convert, our holistic approach is focused entirely on results for your business.

If you want to leave ineffective marketing in the past and finally see real ROI from your online presence, choose the agency with unparalleled expertise in generating and monetizing leads.

Discover the difference true experience can make by partnering with Tiberius Media today. Click HERE  To Get Started >>

At Tiberius Media, we understand that every business has unique needs and budgets. That's why we offer flexible pricing tailored to your specific situation, instead of a rigid one-size-fits-all approach.

Whether you're just starting out or are an established company looking to scale, we will work with you to create an affordable plan that maximizes value.

We provide a free consultation and proposal where we can walk through our system together and identify the ideal solutions for you.

If you're on a tight budget, we have low-cost options where we equip your team with our proven SOPs, templates, and tools to boost your in-house efforts.

If you prefer an entirely hands-off approach, we also offer full-service website management and advertising packages.

We're committed to your success, not maximizing our profits. Our flexible pricing ensures you get premium solutions to fit your budget and empower your business growth.

Let us show you pricing options that make sense for where you are now and where you want to go.

Start your quote today to unlock the potential of our system with a tailored plan at a price point that works for you.
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